Jonathan Kellerman

Huge fan of the Alex Deleware series. They do get a bit confusing with all the possible suspects,but i love the parts with milo and the dogs spike (R.I.P) and Blanche.

Alex Delaware series-

  1. When the Bough Breaks
  2. Blood Test
  3. Over The Edge
  4. Silent Partner
  5. Time Bomb
  6. Private Eyes
  7. Devil’s Waltz
  8. Bad Love
  9. Self-Defense
  10. The Web
  11. The Clinic
  12. Survival of the Fittest
  13. Monster
  14. Dr. Death
  15. Flesh and Bood
  16. The Murder Book
  17. A Cold Heart
  18. Therapy
  19. Rage
  20. Gone x2
  21. Obsession
  22. Compulsion
  23. Bones
  24. Evidence
  25. Deception
  26. Mystery
  27. Victims
  28. Guilt

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