Dean Koontz

I just love Dean Koontz’s Books they always have a sense humor and somehow know how to add dogs to each tale.

  1. Odd Apocalypse
  2. Odd Hours
  3. The Good Guy
  4. Brother Odd
  5. The Husband
  6. Forever Odd
  7. Life Expectancy
  8. Odd Thomas
  9. The Face
  10. From the Corner of His Eye
  11. Seize the Night
  12. False Memory
  13. Fear Nothing
  14. Demon Seed
  15. Intensity
  16. Dragon Tears
  17. Watchers
  18. Phantoms *favorite*
  19. One Door Away From Heaven
  20. The Taking
  21. Velocity
  22. Dark Rivers of the Heart x2
  23. The Vision
  24. Lightning
  25. Strangers

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